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Here's the complete way.


Locking the smartphone is a must to secure your smartphone from the hands of ignorant people. On Android smartphones, the available passwords can be patterns, a combination of numbers and letters (passwords), PINs, or fingerprint sensors.

Unfortunately, somehow the story is not infrequently smartphone users then forget the password that has been predetermined. As a result, Android devices became inaccessible. How to unlock a forgotten password without factory reset.

Samsung Find My Mobile

If by any chance you are using a Samsung device. You can try a similar service with a special Android Device Manager from Samsung Find My Mobile. How to open the Find My Mobile link from the browser, then log into your Samsung account. If you have never set up a Samsung account yet, this method will not work.

After you login to your Samsung account, click the Lock my screen button in the left panel. From here, enter a new PIN and click the Lock button. In a minute or two, the lockscreen password should be changed to the new PIN you enter and you use to unlock the device.

Crash Lockscreen

This method takes advantage of bugs on smartphones running Android 5.0-5.1.1 Lollipop. In addition, this method will not work. First, press Emergency Calls that appear on the lock screen. Then use the dialer interface and insert 10 asterisks. Then double-tap to highlight the text you entered and select copy. Repeat again and paste it so that the number of the star characters will be doubled. Repeat this process, copy and paste to add more characters to the limit.

 Next, go back to the lock screen and open the camera shortcut. From here, drag the notification window and press the Settings icon, then you will be asked to enter a password. Long press in the input field and select paste. Then repeat this process several times so that the lock screen will crash and allow you to access the entire smartphone interface.

Use Safe Mode

As you know, a lot of lockscreen security apps on Android. Some of them are very impressive because they are able to change passwords according to the combination of hours and minutes, date, until battery status. However, sometimes there are bugs and suddenly you have not entered your smartphone.

Well, if the problem comes from a third party app, you can try to boot into Safe Mode. The trick varies, depending on the type and brand of your smartphone. You can browse to find the right combination to get into your Safe Mode smarpthone.

Upon successful entry into Safe Mode, the lock screen of the temporary third party application will be disabled. From here, you can immediately uninstall the app and then reboot your smartphone to exit Safe Mode.




Opening a Forgotten HP Password Without Factory Reset

Avenged Sevenfold (2007)

 Avenged Sevenfold is the fourth studio album by Avenged Sevenfold, released on October 30, 2007 by Warner Bros. Records. The album, originally slated for an October 16 release, was delayed by two weeks in order to provide more time to complete bonus material and production for the record, including the making of the animated music video for the song "A Little Piece of Heaven". The album debuted at number 4 on the Billboard 200. On September 23, 2008, the album was certified Gold by the RIAA. The album has also been released on vinyl. The band supported the album with a tour, beginning a day before the release of the album and ending in 2009.  Although critical reception to the album was mixed compared to previous releases, Avenged Sevenfold won the Kerrang! Award for Best Album in 2008. In addition, the album was included in Kerrang's "666 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die". As of 2014, it has sold over 960,161 copies in the United States and 152,123 copies in the United Kingdom.

Track List :

01. Critical Acclaim, Download
02. Almost Easy, Download
03. Scream, Download
04. Afterlife, Download
05. Gunslinger, Download
06. Unbound (The Wild Ride), Download
07. Brompton Cocktail, Download
08. Lost, Download
09, A Little Piece of Heaven, Download
10. Dear God, Download

Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold (2007) Full Album Download

Do You Include Patient Gamers?


This game is also a very annoying game because the obstacles in this game spelled out random and very surprising game players like super mario games in nintendo but obviously this game has many differences in the same game version.

2. Limbo

This one game is also classified as a nuisance because it will megasah brain.
Although the graphics are just black and white, but mimin make sure this game is very difficult.
I once played even though only briefly. The task of this game is to help the child to achieve the ultimate goal and the
dark lighting. As you walk there will be many obstacles that are quite a lot.

3. Unfair Mario

Yups, this game is also annoying from the previous games, it takes thought
Who are smart to play this game. This game may be almost the same as the Cat mario but definitely have no difference. Try playing this game to ward off boredom and
be prepared to be upset.

4. Super Meatboy

This unique game is fairly sadistic and quite difficult, the game played by the character of red meat must pass through difficulties in his life to save his girl.

5. Inside

The tough game for the second PC is Inside which has cool graphics and an interesting gameplay. As for what makes this game difficult are the obstacles that require precision and carefulness for any player.

This game has a unique storyline that makes players more curious to finish and want to know how it ends. If you feel great playing games, please try playing this game without looking at the reviews.

6. Musihihime Sama 

("Bug Princess") is a manic shooter developed by Cave and originally distributed by AMI in 2004. It was ported to the Play Station 2 in 2005 and IOSin 2011. An Xbox 360 port was released in May 2012 (with ver1.5 as first print DLC). A significantly changed "version 1.5" was released to arcades in 2011. A version for Microsoft Windows was also published by Degica in 2015.

The game has an insect theme as all of the enemies resemble various insects such as beetles and butterflies. The game is set in various forest environments. It received a sequel in 2006, known as Musihihime Sama, and a spin-off iOS game entitled Mushihimesama Bug Panic.

Download Part 1 
Download Part 2 

Can you finish all the games above, good luck.




Collection of PC Games That Make You Annoyed

It's The Ways You Must Learn



Entering the middle of 2017, the hacker profession still remains a favorite among IT activists. The reason is because in addition to this cool profession, in terms of money is also very promising.

Are you the one who is interested to learn the science of hacking? If so, you should not start the origin. Because before learning the science of hacking, this is the science that you must learn first. Let's see the discussion !.

This is the way you should know in advance

Understand How Computers Connect to Each Other

A hacker will generally target a computer or other device. This makes you have to understand the science of networks and devices commonly used in computer networks. Do not let you create a virus, but dont know how to send it to the target.

The common devices used in computer network science are two brands, namely Cisco and Mikrotik. For the Cisco brand has become standard for banking. As for Mikrotik, is a networking device solution with affordable price.

Understanding Linux Operating System.

The pentest OS commonly used by Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH), is Linux based. So of course you should also understand how the Linux operating system works. Starting from Linux commands, until all the features you must understand.

The reason the hackers choose Linux itself there are many. One of them is Linux is an open source operating system. Where it means Linux is easier to customize as needed.

Network science and Linux, it's two sciences that you should learn first before studying the science of hacking.

Can Operate Hacking Tools.


You should be able to operate hacking tools like anonymous doser etc. Especially you should also be able to use hacking tools on Linux and override hacking tools on Windows OS.

Are you guys interested in becoming a hacker? Write your comment below.

Want to Know How to Become a Hacker

California (2016)

California is the seventh studio album by American rock band Blink-182, released on July 1, 2016 through BMG. Produced by John Feldmann, it is the first album by the band to feature vocalist/guitarist Matt Skiba, who replaced former member Tom DeLonge. After touring and releasing the band's sixth album Neighborhoods (2011), it became difficult for the trio to record new material, due to DeLonge's various projects. After disagreements, the remaining members of the group—vocalist/bassist Mark Hoppus and drummer Travis Barker—sought separation from DeLonge and recruited Skiba, best known as the frontman of rock band Alkaline Trio, in his place.  The album was recorded at Foxy Studios between January and March 2016 with Feldmann. He was the group's first new producer since longtime collaborator Jerry Finn. Prior to his involvement, the trio began writing together in September 2015 and completed dozens of songs. They decided to shelve them upon working with Feldmann to start fresh, and they proceeded to record another 28 songs; in all, the group recorded upwards of 50. The band, as well as Feldmann, would regularly spend 18 hours in the studio a day, aiming to start and complete multiple songs in that timeframe. The album's title comes from the band's home state of California, and its artwork was illustrated by the street artist D*Face.  The album debuted at number one in the US and several other countries, and was the group's first domestic chart-topper in 15 years, and their first ever in the UK. In addition, its lead single, "Bored to Death", became the group's first number one single on any chart in a decade. The album received mostly positive reviews from music critics, who complimented its throwback sound. The band have supported the album with a large headlining tour in North America and Europe alongside A Day to Remember, the All-American Rejects, and All Time Low. The album was nominated for Best Rock Album at the 2017 Grammy Awards; it is the band's first-ever nomination.  A deluxe edition of the album, which will contain the entire original album plus ten new songs, is scheduled for release on May 19, 2017.

Track List :

01. Cynical, Download
02. Bored to Death, Download
03. She's Out of Her Mind, Download
04. Los Angeles, Download
05. Sober, Download
06. Built This Pool, Download
07. No Future, Download
08. Home is Such a Lonely Place, Download
09. Kings of the Weekend, Download
10. Teenage Satelites, Download
11. Left Alone, Download
12. Rabbit Hole, Download
13. San Diego, Download
14. The Only Thing That Matters, Download
15. California, Download
16. Brohemian Rhapsody, Download

blink-182 - California (2016) Full Album Download

Sempiternal (2013)

Sempiternal is the fourth studio album by British rock band Bring Me the Horizon. It was released on 1 April 2013 worldwide through RCA, a subsidiary label of Sony Music Entertainment, and 2 April 2013 in the United States and Canada through Epitaph. It is the first album to feature former Worship keyboardist Jordan Fish and was believed to be the last album to feature guitarist Jona Weinhofen. However, Weinhofen's role within the album's development has been faced with controversy.  Written and recorded throughout 2012, Sempiternal showed the band pool diverse influences from electronic music, ambient music and pop. "Sempiternal" is an archaic English word denoting the concept of "everlasting time" that can never actually come to pass.[6] It stems from the Latin word "sempiternus" (a concatenation of root "semper" and suffix "aeternum").  The album spawned four singles ("Shadow Moses"; "Sleepwalking"; "Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake"; and "Can You Feel My Heart"). The album made its debut at No. 3 on the UK Album Chart and is their second successive album to top the ARIA Charts in Australia. It also managed to reach No. 11 on the US Billboard Chart with 27,522 first week sales, making Sempiternal the band's highest charting album in America until That's the Spirit debuted at No. 2 in 2015. Upon its release, the album received critical acclaim.

Track List :

01. Can You Feel My Heart, Download
02. The House of Wolves, Download
03. Empire (Let Them Sing), Download
04. Sleepwalking, Download
05. Go to Hell, for Heaven's Sake, Download
06. Shadow Moses, Download
07. And the Snakes Start to Sing, Download
08. Seen It All Before, Download
09. Antivist, Download
10. Crooked Young, Download
11. Hospital of Souls, Download
12. Between Lies [Bonus Track], Download
13. Little White Lies [Bonus Track], Download

Bring Me the Horizon - Sempiternal (2013) Full Album Download

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Do You Know Any Keywords?



If that's true, do you know that it turns out that behind the streaming site on Youtube it presents the creative and strange content of the entertainment world, because there are hidden keywords? Shhh, here's a forbidden keyword on YouTube!

1. Use the Force Luke

Try typing "Use the Force Luke" in the YouTube search field. Instead of showing videos or search results on YouTube, your YouTube view gets randomly moved, but the truth is that it just follows the movement of your mouse. If you move the mouse to the left, it will move as if you are shifting it to the left.

2. Beam me up Scotty

"Beam me up, Scotty", the phrase was uttered by Captain Kirk when he was about to teleport in the Star Trek animated film. Well, try typing "Beam me up Scotty" in your YouTube search field, Will appear 'blue' luminescence with the stars, as if showing aurora in the sky on your screen.

4. Do the Harlem Shake

Do you remember the phenomenon of Harlem Shake song in the year 2013 ago? The video of people rocking with Harlem Shake songs is scattered all over the internet.

Do you know what happens if you type in the keyword "Do the Harlem Shake" in the YouTube search field? It will automatically play Harlem Shake song, and the YouTube logo in the top left corner will move. Then? When you hear the lyrics "Do the Harlem Shake", the entire YouTube view will sway to the rhythm.

This keyword will only be done when you open Youtube when in online mode, I suggest to open it on your laptop or computer so the experience while watching it more felt and memorable. So enjoy it.

Forbidden Keywords On Youtube